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Tampa Bay, Florida




Tampa Bay Florida Recording Studio


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Studio's control room

Tampa Bay Florida Recording Studio

Supplying Pro Tools based professional recording services to major labels, independent recording artists, musicians, business, software companies and corporate projects.

Past studio projects have ranged from virtually every genre of music including rock, alternative, pop, R&B, hip hop, punk, hard rock, metal, bluegrass, folk, country, Christian / gospel and etc...


Gift Cards

The Perfect Gift for the Musician in Your Life!

(4) One hour Gift Cards = $340




Used Recording Equipment and Musical Instruments


Emerald City Recording is offering studio credit in exchange for your used music equipment. Studio credit can be used for recording, mixing, mastering and/or duplication.


The studio is accepting trade-ins on anything to do with music... guitars, basses, percussion. keys, recorders, mixers, processors, speakers, etc...


Will consider all trades.



Recording Special


10 Hours of Studio Time plus 200 Full Package CDs - $1100

Studio time can be used for recording, mixing, mastering and/or editing.

CDs package includes...

CDs with black thermal print, full color 2 panel inserts (4/4), full color back tray card (4/0), standard CD jewel cases and shrink wrap.


Duplication Special


1000 CDs with Vinyl Sleeves & 2 Panel Inserts - $740

700MB / 80 minute CDs, Black on-disc CD printing, Full color 2 Panel Insert (4/4), Clear vinyl sleeves, Data or audio duplication, 7 day turnaround

- How To Order




Studio Mission

Determined to provide a service, sound and product that will reflect well on both the client and Emerald City Recording. It doesn't matter the size of your budget, the studio supports and appreciates all audio projects.

The studio's goal and promise for each project is to bring it "to the next level". From recording to mixing, digital audio editing and music mastering you can be assured that Emerald City Recording has the experience, the engineer, the sound and the equipment necessary to get your project right and completed on time.



Serving the Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg Area and Beyond

Emerald City Recording's clients represent bands and recording artists, music companies, production companies and labels from all over the state of Florida including Tampa area, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Oldsmar, Brandon, Lakeland, Orlando, St. Pete Beach, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, Palm Harbor, Spring Hill, Bradenton, Plant City, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Gainesville, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, West Florida, Central Florida, South FL, North FL.




Aphex Aural Excitor Type C2 with Big Bottom - $90




Increased Presence & Clarity

Restores Natural Brightness

Greater Perceived Loudness

Improved Detail and Intelligibility

Deeper, More Resonant Bass

Little or No Increase in Peak Output

Tighter Bass Articulation

Extend Low Frequencies




Since its introduction in 1975, the patented Aphex Aural Exciter has been used on thousands of hit albums and
successful musical tours. The Aural Exciter is a patented audio process that recreates missing harmonics without generating significant changes in the actual signal level.

Reproduced sound is audibly different than the original live sound because of the loss in harmonic detail, often
sounding dull and lifeless. The Aural Exciter adds harmonics, restoring the sounds natural brightness, clarity and presence, effectively improving detail and intelligibility. Using the Aural Exciter on specific instruments and/or in the final mix brings life back to the recording.

The Aural Exciter extends the high frequencies, unlike EQ's and other brightness enhancers which only boost the high frequencies and alter the overall tonal balance. The stereo image is enhanced with the Aural Exciter, resulting in a greater perceived loudness without an introduction of noise into the audio path due to increased gain. Vocals and instruments seem to stand out, without raising individual volumes in the mix.

Big Bottom circuitry dynamically shapes the bass response in the 20Hz to 120Hz range, increasing the perception of low frequencies without boosting the maximum peak output. The bass frequency response is dynamically optimized to isolate and enhance the lowest bass frequencies to provide a deeper and more resonant bass without overloading the sound system. Using the patented Big Bottom tightens the bass, allowing low frequencies to be more articulated and recognizable.





Yamaha MG124CX Stereo Mixer


Yamaha MG124CX Stereo Mixer

Built with recording and live sound applications in mind, the MG124CX is the 12 channel version from the MG series of Yamaha mixers that come with built-in compressors and effects.

Typical to other stereo mixers, the MG124CX is divided into 5 different sections - the input/output section, the channel section, built-in effects channel, the group section and the master control section.

Channel 1 through 4 uses mono XLR Mic Inputs. Stereo channels 5 & 6 and then 7 & 8 use a stereo mic input. It should be noted that you will need special cabling if you want to use the stereo channels for your mic inputs.

Below the mic inputs are the line inputs...Channels 1 through 4 use balanced 1/4" jacks, stereo channels 5 & 6 through 11 & 12 use unbalanced stereo line inputs. Channels 9 & 10 through 11 & 12 have additional unbalanced RCA inputs.

Channels 1 through 4 have an insert send and return for plugging in additional devices such as equalizers, compressors or noise gates. These 1/4" jacks carry both the send and return signal so you will need special cabling to plug in your external outboard equipment.


Channels 1 through 8 have a gain control which is used to adjust the input signal level for the channels. Next to the gain control is a high pass filter that cuts frequencies below 80hz.


Below the gain is the control knob for Yamaha's built-in compressor. As the knob is turned to the right the compression ratio increases while the output gain is automatically adjusted.


Next to the EQs is the peak indicator for the channels. The peak indicator light will illuminate red whenever the signal reaches 3db below clipping. The EQs are broken up into highs, mids and lows. Channels 9 & 10 through 11 & 12 have only two band EQs.


The auxiliary sends knobs on the channels adjusts the level of the signal that is sent from the channel to the aux 1 bus and the auxiliary send can be used to send the signal to an external device for processing. The auxiliary pre switch selects whether the pre-fader or post-fader signal is fed to the auxiliary bus.


The white effects control adjusts the level of the signal sent from the channel to the effects bus...and is also known auxiliary send 2 on this version of Yamaha mixers.


The pan determines the stereo positioning. The balance controls on channels 5 & 6 through 11 & 12 control the input that is received from the mic or line Inputs on the stereo channels.


Make sure the ON switch is on to send the signal to the buses. You'll probably end up uses these ON switches as your channel mutes.


The PFL switch or pre-fader listen switch lets you monitor the channel's pre-fader signal by routing the signal to the monitor output section.


The 1 & 2 switch assigns the channel's signal to the group 1 & 2 buses. The red ST switch assigns the channel's signal to the stereo left & right buses.


The channel fader adjusts the level of the channel's signal.


To the left of the level meter is the switch for the 48 volt phantom power. This switch toggles the phantom power off and on. When the switch is on the mixer supplies phantom power to all of the channels so you will want to make sure this switch is off if your microphone doesn't use phantom power. Since the phantom power is on for all the channels when the switch is engaged you may find an external phantom power supply box more flexible if you want to use a mix of microphones when recording.


The master sends & returns are below the switch for the phantom power. You have 2 auxiliary sends and 2 auxiliary returns. You will notice that there is a white effects knob in this section... the white effects knob on the Yamaha MG124CX mixers has nothing to do with the effects section and is actually the second auxiliary send.


In the master section...If the monitor switch is set to group then the output signal from group 1 & 2 are sent to the monitor output section...If it is set to stereo than the signal from the stereo left & right are sent to the monitor output section.


The Yamaha MG124CX also has an additional input for 2 track devices such as CD players or mp3 players. If the 2 TR switch is set to monitor than the signal is routed to the monitor output section. If the switch is set to stereo than the external sound source is set to the stereo left & right buses.


Note - Emerald City Recording did not receive any money for it's review of the Yamaha MG124CX but did keep the unit upon completion.




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